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People In Business: Judy McReynolds, Aaron Littlefield, Ricky Young, Joey McCutchen

McReynolds succeeds Steve Williams, the chairman and CEO of Maverick USA, who served as ATRI chairman from 2009-14. The ATRI board is composed of 15 trucking industry presidents and CEOs.

Professional Truck Drivers Selected as America's Road Team Finalists

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- American Trucking Associations today named 32 professional truck drivers as finalists in the selection process to become Captains on the 2015-2016 America's Road Team. "The professional drivers selected as finalists are great...

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  • Rob G.

    RE: adderall and loss of hunger and stomach pai...

    Posted in: Parents

    It's hard to say, as each person is different and the effects of medication are likewise different. Often times, the lack-of-hunger issue lessons, along with reworking general...

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    adderall and loss of hunger and stomach pain

    Posted in: Parents

    My son was recently placed on Adderall XR. He is 16 years old, history of IBS. Will the lack of hunger and the stomach pain lessen. We understand that he needs to eat a good breakfast...

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    RE: retaining counseling services

    Posted in: Parents

    Well, my worst fear regarding this mess we're in- happened - I got into an argument with this counselor during an informal meeting this morning. It was so difficult. Oil and water...

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    RE: retaining counseling services

    Posted in: Parents

    You all give me strength and help me in so many ways to understand the decisions and directions we need to take. Thank you so much. I'll let you know how this evolves. It's kind...

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