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ATA Applauds Senate Adoption of Short-Term Highway Funding Patch

ARLINGTON, Va., July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, American Trucking Associations applauded the Senate for adopting a shorter term patch for the Highway Trust Fund in order to pass a long-term, well-funded highway bill sooner, rather than later and urged the House of Representatives to quickly follow suit. "ATA believes the quickly passing a long-term, well-funded highway bill is in ...

ATA Tells Congress Trucking Invests At Least $7.5 Billion in Safety

WASHINGTON, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, American Trucking Associations testified to Congress that the industry invests more than $7.5 billion in preventing crashes on the nation's highways. "The trucking industry places safety at the top of its priority list," ATA Executive Vice President Dave Osiecki told the Senate Commerce Committee's subcommittee on surface transportation ...

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    RE: Watches with timers and alarms

    Posted in: Parents

    We've had good results with the Time Timer watches. My son breaks his from time to time (sorry for the pun!), but the company has been awesome about replacing the watch each time...

  • Rob G.

    RE: Watches with timers and alarms

    Posted in: Parents

    My daughter has recently rediscovered the joy of knowing what time it is without having to bug someone. Multiple options here. There are watches that vibrate, such as watchminder....

  • Rob G.

    RE: Daytrana Patch and Anxiety

    Posted in: Parents

    I can only partially address your question. The relationship between anxiety and the ADHD med has more to do with the actual med and its effect on dopamine (and the relationship...

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    Daytrana Patch and Anxiety

    Posted in: Parents

    My 11yo has anxiety and takes Zoloft. He's tried concerta, adderall, and focaolin -- all seemed to help (particularly the adderall) but increased his anxiety more than he or we were...

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